PhD Students

Current students

As advisor:

  • Bram van Deurzen

As co-advisor:

Previous students

As advisor:

  • dr. Sven Coppers: Intelligibility and control for context-aware Internet of Things applications. (2021)
  • prof. dr. Raf Ramakers: End-User Control over Physical User-Interfaces: From Digital Fabrication to Real-Time Adaptability. (2016)
  • dr. Kashyap Todi: Improving and Facilitating the Placement of Interactive Elements on User Interfaces. (2018)
  • dr. Sean Chiew Seng Tan: Enabling Empathic Communication in Ubiquitous Computing Environments to Improve interaction between People. (2014)
  • dr. Joël Vogt: Requirements Elicitation and System Specification of Assistive Systems for People with Mild Dementia. (2013)
  • dr. Geert Vanderhulst: Development and deployment of interactive pervasive appplications for ambient intelligent environments. (2010)

As a co-advisor:

  • dr. Eva Geurts: Exploring Mobile Interactive Applications to Increase Patient Motivation in Rehabilitation
  • dr. Steven Nagels: Electronic devices which stretch like rubber bands: an holistic approach to materials and fabrication methods for stretchable electronics
  • prof. dr. Supraja Sankaran: HeartHab: From Persuasion to Self-management in Cardiac
  • dr. Marisela Gutierrez Lopez: Techniques and Artefacts for Documenting Design Rationale Among Multidisciplinary Design Teams.
  • dr. Fredy Enrique Cuenca Lucero: Towards a composite event-based language for describing multimodal interactions
  • dr. Jan Meskens: Tool Support for Designing, Managing and Optimizing Multi-Device User Interfaces
  • dr. Jo Vermeulen: Designing for Intelligiblity and Control in Ubiquitous Computing Environments
  • dr. Nasim Mahmud: Exploiting context-awareness and social interaction to provide help in large-scale environments
  • dr. Mieke Haesen: User-centered process framework and techniques to support the realization of interactive systems by multi-disciplinary teams
  • dr. Petr Aksenov: The variability of location context in pervasive environments: modelling, representation and visualisation
  • prof. dr. Davy Vanacken: Touch-based interaction and collaboration in walk-up-and-use and multiuser environment

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