, , , , & , Bro-cam: Improving game experience with empathic feedback using posture tracking, in Shlomo Berkovsky & Jill Freyne (eds.), Persuasive Technology - 8th International Conference, PERSUASIVE 2013, Sydney, NSW, Australia, April 3-5, 2013. Proceedings,222-233 (Springer ). DOI  PDF


In todays videogames user feedback is often provided through raw statistics and scoreboards. We envision that incorporating empathic feedback matching the player's current mood will improve the overall gaming experi- ence. In this paper we present Bro-cam, a novel system that provides empathic feedback to the player based on their body postures. Different body postures of the players are used as an indicator for their openness. From their level of open- ness, Bro-cam profiles the players into different personality types ranging from introvert to extrovert. Empathic feedback is then automatically generated and matched to their preferences for certain humoristic feedback statements. We use a depth camera to track the player's body postures and movements during the game and analyze these to provide customized feedback. We conducted a user study involving 32 players to investigate their subjective assessment on the em- pathic game feedback. Semi-structured interviews reveal that participants were positive about the empathic feedback and Bro-cam significantly improves their game experience.

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