, , , & , Work-a-pose: Ergonomic feedback and posture improvement interfaces for long-term sustainable work, in Eva Geurts, Gustavo Rovelo Ruiz, Kris Luyten, Steven Houben, Benjamin Weyers, An Jacobs, & Philippe A. Palanque (eds.), HCI and Worker Well-Being in Manufacturing Industry, .


Non-ergonomic postures and the resulting musculoskeletal disorders are key factors in worker disability and well-being. This underlines the importance of designing ergonomic work environments and educating workers in performing tasks ergonomically. We present Work-a-Pose to increase awareness of non-ergonomic postures and promote long-term sustainable work postures. To this end, we combine camera-based posture tracking with the automatic application of ergonomic guidelines. Glanceable visualizations highlight the worker's posture and potential ergonomic risks. A complementary, personal tool provides a more detailed overview of the worker's ergonomic score and motivates the worker to strive for a healthy work posture through simple gamification techniques.

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