, , , , , , & , Using storyboards to integrate models and informal design knowledge, in Heinrich Hussmann, Gerrit Meixner, & Detlef Zuehlke (eds.), Model-Driven Development of Advanced User Interfaces, 87–106 . DOI  PDF


Model-driven development of user interfaces has become increasingly powerful in recent years. Unfortunately, model-driven approaches have the inherent limitation that they cannot handle the informal nature of some of the artifacts used in truly multidisciplinary user interface development such as storyboards, sketches, scenarios and personas. In this chapter, we present an approach and tool support for multidisciplinary user interface development bridging informal and formal artifacts in the design and development process. Key features of the approach are the usage of annotated storyboards, which can be connected to other models through an underlying meta-model, and cross-toolkit design support based on an abstract user interface model.

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