, , & , Smart makerspace: A web platform implementation,Int. J. Emerg. Technol. Learn. 13, 140–156 (2018). DOI WWW


Makerspaces are creative and learning environments, home to activities such as fabrication processes and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tasks. How- ever, containing equipment that are not commonly seen or handled, these spaces can look rather challenging to novice users. This paper is based on the Smart Makerspace research from Autodesk, which uses a smart workbench for an immersive instructional space for DIY tasks. Having its functionalities in mind and trying to overcome some of its limitations, we approach the concept build- ing an immersive instructional space as a web platform. The platform, intro- duced to users in a makerspace, had a feedback that reflects its potential be- tween novice and intermediate users, for creating facilitators and encouraging these users.

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