, , , & , Raising awareness on smartphone privacy issues with SASQUATCH, and solving them with PrivacyPolice, in Moustafa Youssef, Cecilia Mascolo, & Fahim Kawsar (eds.), 11th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services, MOBIQUITOUS 2014, London, United Kingdom, December 2-5, 2014,379-381 (ICST / ACM ). DOI  PDF


Smartphones leak personal information about their owner when they use it to connect to the Internet. Despite recent coverage of these issues in popular media, raising aware- ness remains problematic since it remains largely invisible to the users. We designed a system, SASQUATCH, con- sisting of a network scanner and a public display, to draw the visitor's attention and inform them about these issues. SASQUATCH first gathers private information about pre- vious whereabouts, and then shows an anonymized version of this data on the public display to draw the visitor's at- tention. Next, SASQUATCH offers an interactive compo- nent that allows people to view the information their own smartphone is leaking in private, and then provides solu- tions (including a fully-automated smartphone application) for securing against future privacy leaks. A set of initial field trails has shown that SASQUATCH is highly effective in raising awareness.

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