, , , , & , Re-thinking Traceability: A Prototype to Record and Revisit the Evolution of Design Artefacts, in Andrea Forte, Michael Prilla, Adriana S. Vivacqua, Claudia Müller, & Lionel P. Robert Jr. (eds.), Proceedings of the 2018 ACM Conference on Supporting Groupwork, GROUP 2018, Sanibel Island, FL, USA, January 07 - 10, 2018,196-208 (ACM ). DOI  PDF


Keeping track of design processes is a cumbersome task due to the apparently unconstrained and unstructured nature of creative work. Traceability is fundamental to revisit and reflect on the design narratives that describe artefact evolution. In this paper, we aim to identify what characteristics are necessary to facilitate traceability of creative design processes. For this end, we use a functional prototype to connect artefacts, design rationale, and decisions in a shared workspace. We evaluated this prototype for 15 weeks with six pairs of students engaged in a user-centered design project. Our findings show that having a lean repository of artefacts annotated with design rationale can facilitate tracking progress in different phases of the process. We found that creating a record of the participants' design work is useful to reflect on and for team agreement, ensure consistency of evolving artefacts, and help in planning future steps in the design project.

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