, , , , & , Timisto: a technique to extract usage sequences from storyboards, in Peter Forbrig, Prasun Dewan, Michael Harrison, & Kris Luyten (eds.), ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems, EICS'13,113-118 (ACM ). DOI  PDF


Storyboarding is a technique that is often used for the conception of new interactive systems. A storyboard illustrates graphically how a system is used by its users and what a typical context of usage is. Although the informal notation of a storyboard stimulates creativity, and makes them easy to understand for everyone, it is more difficult to integrate in further steps in the engineering process. We present an approach, "Time In Storyboards" (Timisto), to extract valuable information on how various interactions with the system are positioned in time with respect to each other. Timisto does not interfere with the creative process of storyboarding, but maximizes the structured information about time that can be deduced from a storyboard.

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