PhD students

I am the advisor of

I am the co-advisor of

  • Supraja Sankaran (advisor = prof. dr. Karin Coninx, second co-advisor = prof. dr. Paul Dendale)
  • Marisela Gutierrez Lopez (advisor = prof. dr. Karin Coninx, second co-advisor = prof. dr. Mieke Haesen)
  • Eva Geurts (advisor = prof. dr. Karin Coninx)


As advisor:

As co-advisor:

As external co-advisor:

  • dr. Daniel Schreiber (2011, TU Darmstadt, advisor = prof. dr. Max Mülhaüser): Post-desktop Interaction for Web Applications
  • dr.-ing. Stefan Hennig (2012, TUDresden, advisor = prof. dr. techn. Klaus Janschek): Design of Sustainable Solutions for Process Visualization in Industrial Automation with Model-Driven Software Development

PhD Juries

  • dr. Frederik De Bleser (2016, University of Antwerp, advisor = prof. dr. Serge Demeyer) : The impact of generative design
  • dr. Christian Weichel (2015, Lancaster University, advisor = prof. dr. Hans Gellersen, co-advisor = prof. dr. Jason Alexander) : Mixed Physical and Virtual Design Environments for Digital Fabrication
  • dr. William Delamare (2015, Université Joseph Fourier, advisors = prof. dr. Laurence Nigay, prof. dr. Céline Coutrix) : Interaction à Distance en Environnement Physique Augmenté
  • dr. Jonathan Aceituno (2015, Université de Lille 1, advisor = prof. dr. Nicolas Roussel ) : Directness and Expressiveness on the Desktop: Increasing Granularity, Extent, and Dimensionality
  • dr. Sylvain Degrandsart (2014, Universiteit Antwerpen, advisor = prof. dr. Serge Demeyer): Model-Driven Engineering of Context-aware Interactive Applications
  • dr. Davide Spanio Lucio (2013, University of Pisa, advisors = prof. dr. Antonio Cisternino, prof. dr. Fabio Paternò) : A Model-Based Approach for Gesture Interfaces
  • dr. Philip Leroux (2012, UGent, advisors = prof. dr. Filip De Turck, prof. dr. Bart DHoedt) : Optimization and Distribution of Interactive Personalized Services
  • dr. Anastasiia Besnozyk (2012, UHasselt, advisor = prof. dr. Karin Coninx, co-advisor = prof. dr. Wim Lamotte) : An Experimental Perspective on Factors Influencing Collaborative user Experience in Virtual Environments and Games.
  • dr. Tom Cuypers (2012, UHasselt, advisor = prof. dr. Philippe Bekaert) : A Geometric Optics Approach to Simulating Light Wave Phenomena in Computer Graphics.
  • dr. Johanna Octavia Renna Hariandja (2011, UHasselt, advisor = prof. dr. Karin Coninx): Adaptivity in Virtual Environments: Enhancing User Interaction and Accommodating User Diversity.
  • dr. Ansar-Ul-Haque Yasar (2011, KULeuven, advisor = prof. dr. Yolande Berbers) : Context-based Communication in Large Scale Vehicular Networks.
  • dr. Stijn Verstichel (2011, UGent, advisors = prof. dr. Bart DHoedt, prof. dr. Filip De Turck) : Distributed Reasoning for Context-Aware Services.
  • dr. Jean-François Ladry; (2010, Université Paul Sabatier – Toulouse III, advisor = prof. dr. Philippe Palanque): Une notation et un processus outillé pour le développement de systèmes interactifs multimodaux critiques
  • dr. Sofie Van Hoecke (2009, UGent, advisors = prof. dr. Bart DHoedt, prof. dr. Filip De Turck): Efficient Service Management in Healthcare.
  • dr.-ing. Marco Blumendorf (2009, TUBerlin, advisor = prof. dr. dr. Sahin Albayrak): Multimodal Interaction in Smart Environments: A Model-based Runtime System for Ubiquitous User Interfaces.
  • dr. Wouter Gelade (2009, UHasselt, advisor = prof. dr. Frank Neven): Foundations of XML: Regular Expressions Revisited.


  • Gustavo Rovelo from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Winter 2012-2013, Summer 2013
  • dr. Joël Vogt from Fribourg University, Spring 2010, Summer 2011
  • dr.-ing. Stefan Hennig from TU Dresden, Winter 2010-2011